The New Year

Posted by Philip Smith on 10 January 2020

So what will change ?

This time of year creates a loss in production when many people are working hard at their new years resolutions.

Might I be as bold as to suggest a different approach?

Instead of a list of new resolutions, figure out what the most important lesson is you learnt last year, then try to apply that learning to your activities this year.

Good luck





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Silly Seasons and cycles

Posted by Philip Smith on 9 December 2019
Opportunities abound, ready and waiting for us

Another year has gone at the speed of light and the silly season is upon us. For some strange reason some people believe that it is now time to slow down instead of doubling their efforts to hit the new year with a bang.  Habits form over time and slowing down, at this time of the year, is the norm for many industries.  Builders see it differently, but that is a subject on its own.   Many will consider the outcomes ...
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Questions, Questions and more Questions

Posted by Philip Smith on 11 November 2019
Will the Answer matter?

For more years than I care to remember I have beaten this drum - If we pose the wrong question the answer is irrelevant and any action based on the answer, likely to be futile.  Last month I wrote about how red tape is drowning not just the public service but private enterprise as well. - Link During this last month there has been a raft of incompetence revealed in the media and somehow, a day later, it is forgotten only for the next bit of lunacy to take...
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A sting in the tail

Posted by Philip Smith on 10 October 2019
Are we paying attention to our economy ? "The track record of economists in predicting events is monstrously bad. It is beyond simplification; it is like medieval medicine." -  Nassim Nicholas Taleb During the last few months I have followed ongoing commentary regarding the state of the Australian economy. The clever people, economists, academics, think tanks ( oxymoron ), celebrities,  the mainstream media, financial gurus, reporters and television "talking h...
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Perceptions vs Reality

Posted by Philip Smith on 10 September 2019
Our perception are often wrong. My eldest grandson, Jack, is 8 years old and very worried about the farmers, the drought and the fires. Last year he raised $ 25.50 for the farmers, all off his own volition, and this year he was determined to do better. Read how he raised the $ 25.50. Once more I watched this little man gear himself up for raising more money. We ( he ) decided  that a garage sale would be a good idea, because we ( I ) had lots of stuff we could sell. He contribu...
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