Activity is not the same as progress

Posted by Philip Smith on 7 November 2018
Leadership vs Management This is an ongoing debate with theories and consultants who want us to believe that an apple can become an orange, if only we attend their next Leadership workshop. It is a surprisingly simple matter to resolve once we agree on a few basics. Lets start with two reasonable definitions from the web as a starting point. Management is the administration of an organization, whether it is a business, a not-for-profit organization, or government body. Managem...
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Discretionary Effort

Posted by Philip Smith on 10 October 2018
Smart leaders ? It appears that some people are slow learners and just because something has been known for many years do not mean it has landed in some leaders brains yet, or ever will.

During the 1950's and 60's a clever man, Douglas McGregor, postulated a theory consisting of two parts. The two theories proposed by McGregor describe contrasting models of workforce motivation applied by managers in human resource management, organizational behaviour, organizational c...
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Lessons from a 7 year old

Posted by Philip Smith on 12 September 2018
We can learn from anybody, if we are paying attention There are thousands of books on almost any subject one can think of. Many books cover some specific subjects, providing examples and theories, encouraging us to improve ourselves or our businesses. These subjects would typically include: Purpose, Belief in outcomes, Focus, Action, Commitment, Confidence, Speaking out or doing a "Pitch", Marketing, Sales, Interaction with people and communications, Being Positive, Reasons fo...
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Shopping Trolleys and Clarity

Posted by Philip Smith on 10 August 2018
Brains in neutral?               At regular intervals there will be an item in the news reporting on supermarket trolleys either in a stream or cluttering up the neighbourhood. There will be the inevitable demand that either the local council or the supermarkets should clear this up and behave more responsibly. Not to digress too far, the supermarkets spend a lot of money collecting these wayward trolleys, but it is simply impossible for ...
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Change your mind

Posted by Philip Smith on 10 July 2018
Be Smart -  Half the year is gone and no doubt we have all achieved some of what we planned for the year. It would probably be fair to say we have some new challenges, as that tends to be the norm, but the solution to our challenges might require some radical rethinking. Never get trapped in the thinking of yesterday and never let your ego determine that just because you thought some direction was a good idea six months ago, you have to stick to it.  Ditch it if its not...
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