Do you smile when you have a problem?

Posted by Philip Smith on 13 June 2018
A smile will never hurt you.  Lets face it we all have to deal with things that go wrong from time to time, but how do we react when this happens. Anger and frustration is the easy and wrong response, as is the hunt for the guilty and punishment for all transgressors. In my experience people never deliberately work to make things go wrong. It is normally as the result of a host of factors and if we are focused on revenge instead of clarity, the organisation pays the price....
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Yes BUT, we are different

Posted by Philip Smith on 7 May 2018
  Truth or Fiction Last week I conducted my monthly workshop for a small group of people, on what really makes a difference. It was a lively debate with many reasons claimed to illustrate perceived differences.

Dressed in my Sherlock Holmes cloak, complete with magnifying glass, we drilled down into these claimed differences and the further we explored, the less relevant these differences became. In the end, we had to agree that many of these claims were perceptu...
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The Lucky Country

Posted by Philip Smith on 8 April 2018
The Lucky Country
  The best path to happiness is to laugh at ourselves, so just for a moment, let us not be too serious. For a long time I have listened to people making the statement that we are "the Lucky Country" and for many years I have tried to get an answer as to why we are supposed to be the Lucky Country. Last week a friend explained it to me. He said "we are lucky that the politicians have not completely destroyed the country, yet". For many years all surveys into ...
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Bookends of Service

Posted by Philip Smith on 22 March 2018
Choices and consequences     Peter Drucker describes a concept of service delivery which he calls "the bookends of service" where the first "bookend" is established at our first contact with a client.  It would follow that the second "bookend" is placed at the conclusion of the supply of products or services.  He relates an experience where a large organisation went to extreme lengths to provide amazing service and just as ...
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Say Thanks to the big guys.

Posted by Philip Smith on 8 February 2018
As we all know education is expensive and wisdom follows experience. When interacting with large organisations we are constantly provided with lessons in how not to treat customers, all we have to do is pay attention and think. It is up to us to take all the positives we can learn from such experiences and re-examine our own organisations. Alvin Toffler is often quoted as saying that the illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write but those who cannot le...
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