Project Consulting

We take a fresh approach to project consulting, steering away from the traditional and extremely costly approaches, taken by many consulting firms.

Project management / control solutions and team building requires more than just facilitation and reporting. We work with our clients, as part of the team, rather than as consultants operating at arms-length.

Our team comprises a group of project specialists with extensive experience across a range of industries but with a technological bend.

Having spent many years "fixing"  both businesses and problem projects we have a unique skill-set and "toolkits" to enable rapid project reviews and detailed project audits.

People first

We understand the importance of individual performance and the impact this has on every group or team. It is impossible to build a team without paying specific attention to the individual participants and creating a good fit of available skills to achieve the deliverables within a project framework.


We provide a range of project related training, customised to our client needs and assist boards to get a better grip on technology and the implications of transformations in industry. 

Many company boards have reached a greater awarness of the risks associated with technology, innovation and how this relates to the future of their business. The folks at Harvard agrees with them.

We encourage participation in our project workshops to raise awareness of the risks and benefits associated with technology projects. Too often tech issues are presented in a way that is far more complex than it should be, and we provide a blueprint to simplify any tech project..

Our drive is to enable smart people to ask better questions and we would be delighted to assist you in learning more.

Getting the tough work done 

Our team focuses on getting projects and businesses that are not performing well, back on track.

We ask the hard questions, those that should be asked, as these often unlock the underlying issues on problem projects.

We assist brave business to surprise themselves and astonish their customers.

If you face a challenge and need help please contact us for a free phone consultation.