The Value of knowledge

Posted by Philip Smith on 3 June 2019
It's never about what we know or think we know, it's what we do with what we know.  Our assumptions and actions are always based on the "knowledge" we think we have or the "knowledge" we perceive others to have, but we should stay aware that there might be same major blind spots in this mix.  Our assumptions are also often based on perceived wisdom or "truth" we have adopted from others ( experts ) and this is frequently wrong, if not...
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Are organisations getting struck in fads, fantasies and popular opinions?

Posted by Philip Smith on 8 April 2019
Are we prepared to learn ? Experience shows that asking the wrong question will always result in negative outcomes. It would be prudent to assume that we should spend enough time on formulating the correct questions before we take any action. This raises the question of where we get our information, how frequently we update our knowledge and what other factors influence our thinking.  As a reader, I can think of no better way to continuously stimulate the imagination t...
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Cost vs Value - again

Posted by Philip Smith on 5 March 2019
I pity the man who wants a coat so cheap that the man or woman who produces the cloth, will starve in the process. -  Benjamin Harrison It would be safe to assume that most people perceive their capacity to observe, analyse, reach reasonable conclusions and act accordingly, to be of a high order. No doubt much of that might be true, but I suspect a bit of caution might be warranted.  For more years than I wish to recall, I have been beating the drum of Cost vs Value a...
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Good questions

Posted by Philip Smith on 3 February 2019
Good Answers  There is no doubt, in my mind anyway, that any consultant who proclaim themselves to be good at what they do, should have as their number one priority the issue of good questions. Assisting clients to formulate the right question or questions, is the most valuable service one can provide to any venture or project. Any actions taken, based on the answer to a poor question, will result in a waste of time and be futile.  Don't take my word for this, rea...
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The Hidden Cost

Posted by Philip Smith on 11 January 2019
Rules and regulations Processes and procedures As companies grow they acquire more rules and regulations to govern the processes and procedures implemented to achieve some defined state of efficiency.  Large organisations and Governments are notorious for some truly silly outcomes as a result of this approach. A few years ago I read a report of some government department where they spent $ 100,000 or some such large number to dispose of a used pool table worth around $ 6,000.&...
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