Rocket scientists and charlatans

Posted by Philip Smith on 8 June 2020
The veracity of our answers depends on the quality of our Questions. The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.
Albert Einstein   Keeping instructions simple is often not easy, but in addressing politicians and business leaders, the above diagram is a starting point as this appears to be their first obstacle. We live in a world that is getting progressively harder to understand, in that we are constantly trying to figure out what logic or rea...
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What have we learnt?

Posted by Philip Smith on 11 May 2020
Do not allow this to be a wasted opportunity.   Part 1 - Mild During this period of downtime for some and frantic work for others, what are the chances that we will learn something useful from this virus  "experience" we are living with now. For those not working, did you read anything of interest, did you maybe buy a book, did you maybe spend a bit of time to think or research any subject of interest? Sadly I hope in vain, as all the above is often a bridge...
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Leadership and Followship

Posted by Philip Smith on 6 April 2020
Solutions are available, courage is often not. What do you have in your organisation?     There has always been a great deal said about leadership and we live in a time now, where good leadership will make a difference to the final outcome, when we have "tamed" this virus.  I do not believe that "Good" leadership can be taught, despite the vast amounts of money spent on this pointless endeavour, but accept that I might be a lone voice in the w...
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The Bookends of service

Posted by Philip Smith on 4 March 2020
The norm is to have two bookends, one on either side of the books.   Our task in running a successful enterprise is to ensure that everything between these bookends works as well as humanly possible. When however we screw up, it is normal to have some process in place to deal with this, providing another set of "bookends".  Peter Drucker describes the first bookend as the point of interaction between a potential customer and your enterprise. The second bookend i...
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Customer Experience is just like Big Data

Posted by Philip Smith on 10 February 2020
Words matter Definition of Lexicon :   a book containing an alphabetical arrangement of the words in a language and their definitions : DICTIONARY   Dan Ariely Thanks -   The words we use, how we use them and how they are understood by others, can and do, frequently make the difference between success and failure. We live in a world of maximum communications where many people appear to be glued to one devise or another, yet all this co...
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