Learning from a 5 year old

Posted by Philip Smith on 10 October 2016
Do we over complicate our lives for no good reason? People spend vast amounts of money on, books, seminars, special programs, workshops, conferences and more, in an effort to improve their skills and work towards positive progress in their lives. I would suggest you save your money and spend some time with a 5 year old. They have no PC view of the world and are not scared of asking questions. They do not infer meaning from whatever you say, they take it literally as stated. They force ...
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Blind spots

Posted by Philip Smith on 4 September 2016
What we notice. Habits tend to be the primary drivers in our lives. As we get smarter we might pay more attention to these habits, as changing habits is the first step to achieving better results in our lives. This might sound like a "motherhood" statement, but it is surprising how few people are prepared to leave their comfort zone.   In business we face a similar problem where organizational habits can be every bit as destructive as any personal bad habit. ...
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Posted by Philip Smith on 4 August 2016

Do we challenge ourselves and our organsations?

Here is a simple test. Imagine you are the editor of your local paper.

At the end of each week you have the opportunity to write your own headline to describe your achievements for that week.

Try it this Friday and good luck with that.

If you are really brave try it every Friday.


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That little bit More

Posted by Philip Smith on 4 July 2016
How do we do it? We watch as Olympic athletes appear to magically achieve results others can only dream of and would rarely consider ourselves capable of similar performance. This conclusion might blind us to an important lesson. Whatever we do for work or pleasure, provides us with the scope of doing just a little bit more. We do not have to read an extra book a day but only an extra page per day. Achieving great or extraordinary results requires the consistent application of ...
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Posted by Philip Smith on 25 May 2016
What kind of Surgeon are you? As a book collector I have an extensive library, with my oldest book dating back to 1652 but there are many books in my library that I have not yet read. For the past 30 years I have constantly encouraged my clients, friends and anybody who would listen, to read, learn and share information. My own reading habits are so strongly engraved in my mind that it is simply impossible for me to go to bed at night, unless I have done some reading. With the ...
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