Posted by Philip Smith on 24 April 2016
The end of a week is often a time for reflection. How much did I achieve and where on earth did I put that item, I intended to use this weekend?  This reflection time must be what professional comedy writers use to plan their material for the next week and we might profit from reviewing our weeks with comedy in mind. Many years ago Lenny Bruce ( 1960's ) got all the authorities and moral guardians in an uproar because he named "unmentionable things" and he used ...
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The lost art

Posted by Philip Smith on 22 March 2016
On assignment in China. As one moves around the city it is clear that the phone addiction here is as bad as in Australia. Everybody appears to be constantly either talking on them or pounding away at the keyboard. In some instance people stop in mid stride in the middle of a walkway or part way up some stairs. This behaviour of a singular focus on a device, impacts the way people interact on a personal level and one only has to visit a coffee shop to observe people, at the sam...
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Catch a Fad

Posted on 4 January 2016
Dictionary Definition
             a temporary fashion, notion, manner of conduct, etc., especially one followed enthusiastically by a group. Recently I encountered two senior business leaders who sadly follow "fads". I could tell what books they had recently read and who they were following on the web by their enthusiastic descriptions of the direction they are heading in and the operational changes they intended to make. Don'...
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Posted by Philip Smith on 2 December 2015
Resolutions R US The year has once again disappeared rather rapidly and we are moving into the danger zone of New Year's resolutions. November did not really register on this side and simply became an extension of October, or to quote Dr. Seuss "How did it get late so soon?" In any event, we should be grateful when we are busy as it sure beats not being busy, providing we are being productive ( use your own definition ) and achieving our objectives. There I sp...
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The paralysing effect of bureaucracy

Posted by Philip Smith on 15 October 2015
We would never behave like this, would we? We have all become accustomed to dealing with the insanity relating to almost any interaction with bureaucracy and we all rail against this stupidity. Maybe we should not be so quick to point fingers, as I have recently encountered this same stupidity in dealing with a few local suppliers in the private sector. What would one consider a reasonable time for a company that makes, lets say doorknobs, to provide a quote to supply a number of a...
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