Little things

Posted by Philip Smith on 10 November 2020
Little things
Many "experts" urge us to ignoring the small stuff, but maybe some of the "small stuff" really matters.

Last week somebody posted this It grates me the wrong way so hard when I call someone and their receptionist/gate keeper asks if that person was expecting my call. NO NO we do not schedule every brief phone call into our calendars, so at this EXACT moment in time, NO, she is not sitting by the phone waiting for me to call. That's WHY I am calling - to speak to ...
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An interesting riddle in need of a good detective

Posted by Philip Smith on 1 November 2020
An interesting riddle in need of a good detective
My quest in writing this is to find a few "clever detectives" who might be able to cast some light on a riddle. As one gets older, it is easy to forget that happened a long time ago, no matter how strange the event might have been at the time. Here is a story and a mystery, looking for a solution. All suggestions would be hugely appreciated, even if it only shows the creative genius of all the clever people out there.    How the mystery began  - Way back in ...
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Save yourself broke.

Posted by Philip Smith on 10 October 2020
Save yourself broke.
  When "saving" becomes expensive.   There are times when we have to work hard to conserve resources, but there are times when the savings are an illusion and the final cost will far outweigh and short term savings.  Recently I observed this "savings" drive where the final outcome of these "savings" efforts might cost the owner his business.   Early this year a new coffee shop opened not far from where I live. We went there ...
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All words matter

Posted by Philip Smith on 10 September 2020
Seeking clarity is easier than you think, but not without a bit of effort.                           We live in a world that appears to have lost its marbles, as every day reveals more layers of lies, deception, gigantic egos, corruption and an almost universal complete lack of accountability. We somehow accept that politicians lie and at the next election our choice is always to vote for the party that appears least ...
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Rule regulations and ignorance

Posted by Philip Smith on 7 August 2020
Are the lunatics running the asylum? We live in a world of rules and regulations both in Government and business. Do we ever stop and consider what these rules mean, who makes them and why?       Were the rules and regulations created by a bunch of bureaucrats who had no idea of the real world, but instead found themselves in a position of influence and power. In their positions they are expected to do "something" and accordingly come up with ideas...
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