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Trust, Truth and Outcomes

Posted by Philip Smith on 10 March 2021
Trust, Truth and Outcomes

Who and what do we believe, who do we trust and why ?

We live in an interconnected world that is fast becoming impossible to navigate. North is now South and West is maybe South East, but only on alternate Tuesdays. The compass now runs to 699 degrees and point nowhere with any degree of accuracy.

Competing authorities claim to be the bearers of "truth" and almost 20 years ago, Mr Bush broke it down to a simple binary decision "you are either with us or with them".

It now appears that Mr. Bush unleashed a new way of addressing any and all issues, with no logic, reason, truth or principle but always including the claim "just Trust us" we are acting in your best interest, with a binary option attached.

On most subjects, of any import, it has become unacceptable to have any rational debate and should you dare mention some issues, packs of brainless wolves will descend to devour you. Logic & reason has become unacceptable, as a mere construct of some perceived reality based on gender dysphoria or racist beliefs.

For example, somehow equality of opportunity has now morphed into equality of outcome by a strange form of alchemy and stated as an absolute "truth".     

One could claim that the "Bush logic" is pure nonsense, in that only a few simple issues, such as 2+2 = 4, could possibly fit into this type of logic.

Unfortunately one would be wrong, in this new world evolving around us where 2 + 2 can now equal anything.

I think I must have missed the instructions, but apparently everything, every action, belief, fact, scientific exploration or anything you can think of, must now be parsed through some politically correct, woke, BS filters to be transformed into some new alternative, unoffending,  truth and reality.

The media, relied on by millions for news and information has failed us completely, as predicted by Thomas Jefferson way back in 1807. 

"Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle... Perhaps an editor might begin a reformation in some such way as this. Divide his paper into four chapters, heading the 1st, Truths. 2d, Probabilities. 3d, Possibilities. 4th, Lies. The first chapter would be very short." - Thomas Jefferson, 1807  

I think we should all be hugely concerned that those in authority are involved in and promoting this woke stupidity on an industrial scale.   

Our spineless "leaders", in politics, academia and business, are only concerned about keeping their jobs, not offending the smallest splinter of the "offended" snowflakes  and they completely fail to address any of the outrageous demands, together with the newly created realities, they enstupidated.

"Pity the nation that has to silence its writers for speaking their minds... Pity the nation that needs to jail those who ask for justice while communal killers, mass murderers, corporate scamsters, looters, rapists and those who prey on the poorest of the poor, roam free." - Arundhati Roy

Once we accept these alternative "realities" into our organisations and act upon them, we can only go in one direction and that is into oblivion.

History teaches us about this inevitable outcome, but today history has become a dirty word and our leaders stand back and say nothing.  We are now supposed to view events occurring during the 1700's through a distorted 2021 lens. What a disgrace.

It appears that basic principles are no longer acceptable and by preference,  NO principles, has become the accepted norm, where principles are replaced by demands and entitlements.

Organisations all over the world are scrambling to conform to these new senseless demands, but this will not end well for anybody.  

Once we reject principles we have no anchor to reality and as somebody once said -  You can ignore reality, but you can't ignore the consequences of ignoring reality ".

Unless one can articulate principles to base ones actions on, we become chaff in the wind, and unless we stand for something, we stand for nothing.

It is time to examine what we believe and why. How this is translated into our organisations and what outcomes we are striving for.

Once we buy into the cancel culture of the woke snowflakes and all that implies, we are lost and future generations will be deprived of their futures and opportunities.

Acceptance of the new Woke ideology has resulted in our politicians becoming paralyzed and unable to articulate anything towards the future of this once great nation. 

We have no Water policy, no Energy policy, no Manufacturing policy, no Agricultural policy, no Education policy, to name a few, and our "leaders"  appear happy to serve the demands of foreign entities and organisations, at a massive ongoing cost to everyday Australians.   

It appears that under no circumstance will our "leaders" allow reality to intrude on their parallel universe. 

"...most men have bound their eyes with one or another handkerchief, and attached themselves to some one of these communities of opinion. This conformity makes them not false in a few particulars, authors of a few lies, but false in all particulars. Their every truth is not quite true. Their two is not the real two, their four not the real four; so that every word they say chagrins us, and we know not where to begin to set them right": Ralph Waldo Emerson - Self Reliance - 1841 - From 'Essays", First series

Is that the legacy we would like to leave for future generations?

If not, we had better pay close attention to what we allow into our minds and organisations.

Imho, It is time for all of us to pay attention, get informed and debate with others, who are prepared to debate, the everyday new "realities" that often leaves us confused.

Then maybe we can focus on - Who and what we believe, who we trust, and then focus on our business activities with more clarity.


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A few  examples of what is happening in the world around us.

2 + 2 = thought crime? Mathematical certainty hangs in the balance as Orwell's worst fears come to life.

This month, ( Oct 2020 ) Americans got another bitter taste of 'progressive' insanity from one of the most unexpected of places. The Mathematical Association of America (MAA), which prides itself as "the world's largest community of mathematicians, students, and enthusiasts," came out and declared that "mathematics is created by humans and therefore inherently carries human biases."

In the world of ETHNOMATHEMATICS, 2+2=oppression and 'achievement' is a white supremacist construct

Injecting 'social justice' into every aspect of education is having a disastrous effect on kids' ability to learn. But what would you expect from a system that considers academic achievement itself a construct of white supremacy?

Self-hating #ShutDownSTEM signals the death of Science

"My own interpretation is that lazy minds are happiest with the mere voicing of opinion, or with the easy task of dressing this up to make it look plausible. In modern literary criticism they have found the perfect model of this, along with a new doctrine of extreme relativism that says that everything is only opinion anyway, to justify it." And, before we knew it, men became women, silence became violence and science became racist.








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