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Posted by Philip Smith on 10 January 2021

Words of wisdom from an old friend.

Many years ago I met and spent time with some very kind and interesting people.

One of them drafted the following document that I am now sharing with you.


When I am beset with fears and my hopes seem far removed, it brings to mind the great  times that have surrendered to me . Often have I pondered what this kind of dwelling that takes me away from depression should be called, and it has presented itself to me under the mantle of




  • to be fair with yourself - and expect to have to win the good times for the bad to come on their own account to take away .

  • Store up for yourself a large quantity of good times, memories and values . It is then you will always weather the depressions and doubts.

  • Place yourself in friends that are true and care for you.

  • Don't be petty, or your life will be summed up by regret.

  • Learn to change and meet new requirements knowing that it can only bring good and that all will be well.

  • Don't be based in envy or conditions. Time which is small for you can rob you, if you do not take account of it.

  • Realize that you cannot live your life by statutes , laws and conformities and have a life

  • For when you govern your own life, what you will then have is a gift from creation and not a place in your misery for not doing so.

  • Be content to share yourself, and sometimes give without counting the cost.

  • Make the most of today, and tomorrow, and now, for you cannot have your time twice.

  • Think not too much of yourself and keep your self-respect.

  • Be content that there are others that want and need you, and don't isolate yourself from what is true and of value by your selfishness.

  • Settle to life now, where certainty abounds. And don't drift uselessly from one suspicion to another for suspicion is based in your own weakness.

  • Give the benefit of the doubt to those who love you, for who can love a fountain of criticism, envy and selfishness.

  • Do not take your usual journey to the land of missed opportunity and narrowness, for you can make yourself unwanted and already dead.

  • Better you brace yourself, give thanks for what you have and what is to be won, and.

                           WAKE UP AND LIVE            leo


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