The truth no longer matters

Posted by Philip Smith on 1 December 2016
Are we brave enough to make a difference? For years I have been silent on some of the issues I am about to raise, so forgive this bit of a rant but it is time for all of us to overcome our fear of retaliation and speak out. The underlying problem is the same whether it is in politics or in business. We would be in denial if we assume, the matters I am addressing here, do not or will not impact our business futures. For example our government elects to participate in illegal militar...
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Why we are in trouble

Posted by Philip Smith on 28 November 2016
We should be worried It has been some time since I learnt basic arithmetic but I suspect 2 Plus 2 still makes 4. Then again, maybe my ignorance is so great that I missed the bit where this changed to some other number. The media speculates endlessly on matters that are not as they should be, even when the report only tries to exploit the pathetic outcomes. They never explore the core reasons that underpin these failures, there is no time, no budget and mostly no interest, but I...
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He who makes the rules

Posted by Philip Smith on 24 November 2016
We should take our lessons from wherever we find them. Today while driving with my grandson in the back of the car, we played one of his favourite games. The game is called spotto, where should you see a yellow car, you shout Spotto and get one point. I claimed a "spotto" for a van that was yellow with a white roof. He immediately corrected me and stated that I could not do this as it was not all yellow. He followed this up by explaining to me that he could claim it a...
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Learning from a 5 year old

Posted by Philip Smith on 10 October 2016
Do we over complicate our lives for no good reason? People spend vast amounts of money on, books, seminars, special programs, workshops, conferences and more, in an effort to improve their skills and work towards positive progress in their lives. I would suggest you save your money and spend some time with a 5 year old. They have no PC view of the world and are not scared of asking questions. They do not infer meaning from whatever you say, they take it literally as stated. They force ...
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Blind spots

Posted by Philip Smith on 4 September 2016
What we notice. Habits tend to be the primary drivers in our lives. As we get smarter we might pay more attention to these habits, as changing habits is the first step to achieving better results in our lives. This might sound like a "motherhood" statement, but it is surprising how few people are prepared to leave their comfort zone.   In business we face a similar problem where organizational habits can be every bit as destructive as any personal bad habit. ...
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