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He who makes the rules

Posted by Philip Smith on 24 November 2016

We should take our lessons from wherever we find them.

Today while driving with my grandson in the back of the car, we played one of his favourite games.

The game is called spotto, where should you see a yellow car, you shout Spotto and get one point.

I claimed a "spotto" for a van that was yellow with a white roof. He immediately corrected me and stated that I could not do this as it was not all yellow. He followed this up by explaining to me that he could claim it as a spotto, but I could not.

Naturally I asked him to explain and his answer is a lesson to us all.

He said " I make the rules for spotto, so I am the only one who can change it, but only for me."


The rule makers will always reserve the right to claim an exception to the rules that apply to us, but only for themselves, whenever it is to their advantage.



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