Living with an open mind

Posted by Philip Smith on 15 March 2017
Bubbles anybody? Most of us do not live in a bubble, or so we would like to think.  Should one start paying particular attention to spotting the bubbles, one soon finds that some people do indeed live in a bubble, but clearly we don't, only "they" do. Politicians are the easiest to spot as their bubbles are hugely visible and on display in the media most days.  Somehow we accept this from politicians and as an American bumper sticker recently proclaimed. &qu...
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Are you a good detective.

Posted by Philip Smith on 15 February 2017
Success and Failure, are the reasons clear ? It is still early in the year but already the usual topics are being raised on forums.
Several times every year we see the topics of project success and failure emerging as though this is something new. At the same time there is a steady stream of projects that fail, far outweighing those that succeed, but maybe that is just my perception based on reported issues. International research however tends to support my contention, speci...
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Marketing and project management links

Posted by Philip Smith on 31 January 2017
The importance of Project Management During the past few months I have had the good fortune to spend some time with clever people who operate businesses in the marketing space. One way or the other they cover every aspect of marketing in all forms including the ubiquitous "social media" component. Always eager to learn I asked many question and gained some valuable insights into the core of their activities. I was amazed at the complexity of the work they do and the numbe...
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Simple solutions work

Posted by Philip Smith on 4 January 2017
Why is this still a mystery Large project failures follow a depressingly repetitive narrative. Symptoms are used to cast blame and Causes are ignored to protect the incompetent and their oversized egos. There is a simple solution, change the management involved in the project. Albert Einstein said "The problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them."  - the same is true for all projects that become problemat...
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Project success

Posted by Philip Smith on 19 December 2016

The difference

When we have a good team, projects succeed despite poor processes and systems. 

With the best processes and systems, projects will fail when we have a dysfunctional team.


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