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Where is the line in your oraganisation?

Posted by Philip Smith on 11 April 2021
Where is the line in your oraganisation?

There is a cost to organisations for maintaining the "line"?

Finding this invisible line can be hard at times, but if you have one in your organisation it is important to find it.  Your future might depend on it.

Look for signs of this line within the structure of power and control. 

One indicator is when blame is directed below the line, praise will always be allocated above the line. Should you encounter this, know that you are in trouble. 

If you occupy the space above the line it becomes your responsibility to eradicate this line, as it acts like an anchor in organisations. 

This line has a devastating effect as it will, for example, remove all discretionary effort from staff in general, as the line can at times be an intersection within the management level. 

It will prevent good ideas from ever reaching the ears of those who should be listening and "lined" organisations are always poor listeners. 

The sad truth is that we find these lines in organisations of any size, as well as government, where they might have several lines within one organisation. 

Terminal deafness is standard for all these "lined" entities as their ears cannot reach beyond those who are on the "approved" list. 

There is simply no desire or mechanism to engage or listen, other than to the "approved" voices inside the castle walls. 

Many years ago my economics professor made a statement, he declared to be the most important knowledge we would ever get during the course. 

He explained that in large organisations or during mergers and acquisitions there would always be two classes of people and it was imperative that we figure out what camp we belong in. 

He said there are always Fu**ers and Fu**ees. You could be one or the other but can never be both. 

The "line" is what separates the two groups and if you are in the second group, find yourself another job or if you are above the line, make every effort to remove the line. 



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