Summary Project Audits

We provide a unique summary audit process where we can determine the health of a project, no matter how complex, within a very short period of time.

One of the normal project "blind spots" is that those involved in a project are often not the best to determine the issues that are being overlooked. No matter how professional, qualified or competent the project team might be, this is always a potential problem.

In our experience once such issues are identified implementing solutions tend to be quick and the learning process effective for the entire project team.

There is a hidden danger in all projects, where the Project Manager has to deal with constraints that impacts the project but not under their control or area of influence. Many projects can be terminally sabotaged by these constraints and I will highlight just one of them.

A culture that is not supportive of the project or a management ( team or individual ) where some managers believe they know more about the project than the project manager and feel entitled to issue instructions and injunctions with no opportunity for debate.

During our audits we hunt for any such constraints, as identifying these can easily make the difference between project success and failure. So yes, we ask the hard questions.

This process is not about blame assigning and should be viewed as assisting the project team to improve performance and outcomes.