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The end of the world - again

Posted by Philip Smith on 4 October 2017

Artificial Intelligence will destroy our jobs ! - Really ?

The AI ( artificial intelligence ) debate is reminiscent of the paperless office debate, where all manner of wild claims are made without any context and the eventual results are far removed from the predictions.

No doubt there will be applications for AI into the future but it is worth a reminder that AI is not new. I did my first course in AI way back in 1986, so please tell me what the current angst is all about.

Recently I have been watching all manner of "experts" making pronouncements on the future impact of AI and I would suggest that a great deal of it is self-promotion rather than fact based reality.

Somehow we live in an age where the truth is what we want it to be and evidence is no longer required to back up statements or claims of impending doom.

We have been using computers for many years and they have assisted in improving efficiencies, other than in government, and no doubt eliminated some jobs but mostly fairly low level tasks. It did not bring the world to an end, it did not destroy the economy, it did not destroy millions of jobs or any of the other dire predictions made many years ago about the impact of future computing.

I would suggest that we need a far more intelligent debate on the future impact of AI and I would further suggest that the future implementation of AI will be a horror story before it becomes a useful technology.

Already we see social media masters using this technology for their own gain rather than for what they claim to represent and it is likely to get worse.

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