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Save yourself broke.

Posted by Philip Smith on 10 October 2020
Save yourself broke.


When "saving" becomes expensive.


There are times when we have to work hard to conserve resources, but there are times when the savings are an illusion and the final cost will far outweigh and short term savings. 

Recently I observed this "savings" drive where the final outcome of these "savings" efforts might cost the owner his business.  

Early this year a new coffee shop opened not far from where I live.

We went there several times over the months since then, to support their business and because they have great coffee and friendly efficient service.

All that has changed recently as the owners now have several very young untrained ladies running the shop, where before either the owner or his wife would be at the shop.

I understand the quest to save money, but to try and achieve that by using the cheapest untrained staff one can find has to be about as bad a decision as one can make.

The results were inevitable. Quality and service left the building, leaving behind a bland "beige" indifference, dispensed by a bunch of surly teenagers.

My eldest daughter recently celebrated her birthday and her 9 year old son, very proudly decided to take his mom for a coffee and even took his own pocket money to pay for it.   

When they arrived there were four people sitting at tables and four staff attending.   

They ordered a coffee and a hot chocolate before sitting down to wait. My daughter told them that it was her birthday and that her son was treating her to a coffee to celebrate her birthday.

While waiting, they observed food being served at a table near them. A couple had both ordered breakfast and coffees but only one breakfast and one coffee was delivered. 

Some 10 minutes later the other breakfast and coffee was delivered, but without any cutlery.  

Having waited for 20 minutes my daughter went to the counter to enquire as to the state of the two coffees only to be rudely informed that it will be done "in a minute".

Ten minutes later the coffee arrived, cold but it was ordered as extra hot. My grandson's hot chocolate was cold and tasteless and at 9 he can tell when products and service sucks. 

He was very disappointed as his special treat for his mum was spoiled and the experience left him feeling sad. In addition both beverages were undrinkable.

They left and abandoned their drinks, but with a firm determination to not return, now will I. 

On arriving at our place he immediately told me, in great detail, what a disaster the outing had been from service to the drinks.

He explained that the people working in the shop should not be working there, as they don't know how to do the work.

However much the owner is "saving" in wages, will never compensate for the clients that will not come back, nor the reputational damage caused in the process.

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